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Anna Baltsavia
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Anna Baltsavia enchanting, intense and atmospheric, it reflects the artist's vibrant spirit, and creates images in your mind of running water, ocean waves, dirt, and earthy matter carried away to their unknown destination.
an unknown journey to art by music where both the audience and the artist create art through imaginary visions and music.
Stefan Schaefer
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Stefan Schaefer What a wonderful surprise. Most beloved title:"vacuous" :-)
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Psychosomatic restraint is characterized by the holding back of an inclination, a tendency, an impulse, a habit of doing, thinking, feeling, perceiving, etc. Or metaphorically, by seizing tight the reins of the horse that is eager to blindly dash ahead. So deeply ingrained in the nervous system are certain states of consciousness and types of behavior that they can be unconscious to the individual, invisible to his or her mental regard. They can also be so pervasive and unwavering that the individual falsely regards them as permanent, immutable, and essential characteristics of his or her nature.

The negative process of restraint in-and-of-itself is not sufficient for profound psychological and behavioral change. There must also be the other side of the coin, the positive process of harnessing, heightening, and redirecting vital energy inherent in acts of consciousness and behavior towards different, higher, and more desirable ends. This practice is likened to a form of spiritual alchemy through which the vulgarity of the soul is gradually refined in stages.

By means of vigilance, restraint, and redirection, new, desirable, subtler inclinations, tendencies, impulses, and habits can be carved out of the amorphous clay of human existence to be intentionally uprooted and reshaped in a continual process extending the entire lifespan of the individual. It is only when this process inherent in the individual ceases that he or she can be said to be truly spiritually dead.


released February 11, 2015

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Glen Tartaglia at Innovative Sonic Arts in 2015



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] Interstice [ Athens, Greece

A sonic journey of the soul. Where this path leads is unknown, but every twist and turn, every dead end and vista, will be embraced.

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